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Tips For Choosing the Best Food Bars and Energy Drinks

There are two types of products, energy drinks and food bars, that are totally surrounded by hype. It is too bad that you don’t find out that the products don’t work as well as promised until you have eaten quite a few, without the promised results. Many of these companies would have you believe that an energy bar or drink can make you stronger, fitter or smarter all by itself. Don’t listen to all of the hype when it comes to energy drinks or food bars because truthfully they aren’t as good as they say. One of the most dangerous ways to use energy drinks is to mix them with alcohol. Young adults do this quite often, and heart problems are usually the result. If you are taking a stimulant and also a depressant, don’t ever take them at the same time. Since energy drinks are stimulants, you should keep them away from depressants like alcohol. Aside from caffeine, energy drinks often contain other stimulants such as taurine, ginseng and various B vitamins. Many ingredients, such as these, are safe on their own, but can become dangerous when mixed with heavy alcohol use. If you think that energy drinks will keep you awake while drinking alcohol, they won’t. These drinks (energy and sports drinks) have been on the market for some time, but are actually new when compared to other products. Before energy drinks were available, people drink water for thousands of years. A special kind of energy drink really doesn’t need to be consumed (if you think about it) to maintain energy levels and stay hydrated. Instead of buying energy drinks, you might want to create your own which are cheaper and healthier than the ones you buy the store. Making healthy fruit and vegetable juices is probably your best bet (if you own a juicer) if you want to do this at home. You can use honey, molasses and some lemon to enhance the natural ingredients in the water itself. Vitamins have been added to many energy drinks, so you think they are healthier than they might be. B vitamins such as B6 and B12 are commonly added in high dosages. It is highly questionable whether there are any health benefits in doing this. Energy drinks might have over a thousand times the amount of B vitamins your body needs, which could do more harm than good. This might cause side effects as it overloads your system. You don’t need the mega-doses of vitamins you get in energy drinks, especially if you eat healthy and take a multivitamin. It doesn’t work that huge doses will make you healthier, just because a limited dose works. A really big business today can be found in food bars and energy drinks. There is unbelievable hype around these products, so be careful. There are purposes where they can be helpful, but you definitely need to be careful in your choices. Now that you have read this article, you should be better prepared for choosing the best energy drinks or food bars.Posted in HealthTagged , , , , ,