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Reasons for Stem Cell Therapy

When it comes to pain, many doctors go straight for procedures that have been used over many years, such as surgery and prescribing pain relieving medication. However, why aren’t these adjusted to the exact needs of the patient? Stem cells are some of the most personalized medical procedures out there, a lot of other medical solutions are made with the “one size fits all” model in mind because it’s easier and doesn’t require any additional training. Modern medicine is truly fantastic, but make sure you’re working for YOU and not for everyone. It is important to research and understand all of these new and fascinating ways to help improve our life.

Where are stem cells sourced from?

Where would the safest source of stem cells be from? The best source is your own body, of course! All body tissue has stem cells in it, but some like bone marrow and fat are far more plentiful and viable sources. Also in using your own body as the source, you totally avoid all chance at infections or pathogens. Don’t trust faux professionals with off-the-shelf products, these are not living stem cells and are often falsely advertised as so. You can’t trust these products sold over the counter as they are not the same.

Stem Cell Success

Stem cells may be newer to medicine, but they have been shown as wildly successful in improving the life of the patient. Roughly 95% of people claim that the procedure was a success and has improved everyday life, and even 80%+ of people say the same after three months. Like all medicine, you and your lifestyle choices heavily impact how successful it may be. In a short time, we’ve seen those with severe arthritis benefit the most from stem cell and growth factor treatments. We want to see you living a life without pain, and for most people, surgery isn’t an easy option, and the risks involved with pain relief pills simply aren’t worth it! If you’re ready to give stem cells a try, look no further than Stem Cell Therapy Charlotte for the safest methods of treatment.