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Custom Medical Kitting

Kitting is the process by which we design, build and prepare your custom medical kits. While we primarily focus on DNA testing kits, we also have the ability to design any other lab kits you may need. Strategic Lab Partners is prepared to handle every step of the process for you and your business as your prepare to market or distribute medical kits. Strategic Lab Partners has all of the tools necessary for your custom medical kits to thrive in the medical industry. Patients are always seeking to learn more about their bodies, and very interested in retrieving answers. Now, with custom medical kitting services, giving patients the means to find more answers and information will be much more accessible. When you get a kit from Strategic Lab Partners, you can trust that it is going to be perfect.

Preparing Custom Medical Kits

With custom medical kits, you will be able to gain the knowledge you need without multiple tests or being taken in several different directions. You will be very impressed by how easily prepared your kits will be, and how in-depth the test results end up being. We promise our customers nothing but the best in custom medical kitting. It’s so nice to have everything you need in one nice orderly package. Nothing extra or unneeded, only what you truly need. We offer medical kits for many different needs. No matter what type of testing you are offering, we will be able to provide a solution for your needs. Many popular tests have included the use of genetic testing for weight loss programs, which may be very important to those who are pushing to lose weight, dietary needs and more. With the proper preparation, we can design a custom kit for all of your medical business needs.

Why Custom Kits?

Custom medical kits will set you apart from your competitors. Don’t blend in with competitors. Stand out with a kit built with your own company needs in mind. You will want to customize every aspect of the kits with the help of our specialized team. We can even do custom printing both on the outside and of instruction sheets inside the kit itself, giving you just another way to stand above the rest. You do not want to go the wrong direction with your custom medical kitting service. For that reason, it is best to trust the specialists at Strategic Lab Partners.