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The Case for Telehealth Services for Seniors: Can It Help Keep You Healthy and Happy

What are Telehealth Services?

Telehealth services are an emerging trend in the healthcare industry. It is a way for patients to get medical care without leaving their homes. The telehealth services market had been growing for a while but exploded during the pandemic. This growth was driven by the increasing demand for remote care and senior care and the need for better access to healthcare among seniors. So what does telehealth do for seniors?

How Telehealth Can Improve Senior Health Services

While the elderly population is growing, the number of providers available to take care of them is not. Telehealth has been one solution for this problem, and it allows seniors to have access to medical care without having to leave their homes. Telehealth is a federally funded project through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that supports increased patient access to care using telehealth services. This program includes homebound seniors or those who have difficulty traveling due to age or disability, live outside of proximity to doctors’ offices or hospitals, and other unique situations.

What are Major Issues Affecting Access to Affordable Care?

Access to affordable healthcare is a significant concern for many people. There are numerous challenges that people face when trying to access affordable healthcare. Some challenges include the high cost of healthcare, lack of telehealth access, and lack of affordable coverage options. This nationwide issue primarily affects seniors and disabled people.¬† Telehealth is one way to make healthcare more affordable for seniors. Telehealth enables seniors to speak to doctors over the phone, video call, or online video chat. This option can help them avoid having to travel for doctor’s appointments, reduce their risk of getting sicker and missing work, it also helps them save money on gas.

What About the Concerns?

The telehealth industry is growing, but there are still some concerns. The lack of human touch and privacy are two of the most common concerns. When it comes to privacy, some seniors don’t want their health information to be accessed by a stranger, even if it’s a doctor. They want to be able to talk with someone in person, not over the phone or through video chat. The lack of a human touch goes hand in hand with privacy. One concern is that the doctor can’t provide a physical exam or take the patient’s temperature and blood pressure. There’s also concern that there isn’t enough time for doctors to know their patients because they’re not physically present.

The Benefits of Telehealth

While these concerns are very valid, telehealth also has many incredible benefits. Telehealth is a way of providing healthcare services remotely¬† and has been shown to have many benefits for seniors. For example, it allows them to stay in their homes instead of being hospitalized or going into a nursing home. Some people are concerned about privacy, security, and confidentiality regarding telehealth. Most people don’t know who might be listening in on the conversation or viewing their medical records during a teleconference. However, as with regular medical service, your privacy is important, and many steps are implemented to protect your privacy. If you’re interested in Telehealth but have some concerns, your medical provider can help answer your questions and help you decide if telehealth is for you.¬†

Dr. Liz Geriatrics

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