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Serious health issues caused by stress:

Stress is a word which is so commonly used. The world is moving so fast these days, and we try to keep up with the ever-changing technology and trends. Some of us hate being stressed but can’t help it because they really cannot do anything. It may be their jobs they can’t quit at the moment or the people who surround them. But for others they love the blood flow pumping through their veins, they love the feeling the rush brings to them. Different kind of people handles stress differently. Sometimes you might not be physically, but you might be mentally stressed due to various pressures. These forces can affect your health, if you are young, you will not be experiencing these effects now, but in the later ages, you might face many health issues. The following are some of the health problems you might get due to stress:
  • Heart Diseases.
  • Obesity.
  • Diabetes.
  • Depression and Anxiety.
  • Gastrointestinal problems.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Accelerated Aging.
  • Premature death.

Heart Diseases:

Studies have shown that people who are into too much stress have a higher chance of getting heart-related problems due to the increase in the blood pressure.  Stress can also cause an individual to smoke or drink always. A sudden emotional stress can trigger even a heart attack. The sudden emotional stress affects even younger people now. Even individual who is below the age of 40 suffer from a heart attack due to too much stress.


If you are under high stress, then you are likely to store more fat in the stomach region. Most of us tend to eat more when we are stressed. We hardly consider eating healthy, because we have so many other things in our mind and forget to eat healthily.


Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are all linked diseases. Due to bad food habits and increased obesity, there are high chances for you to get diabetes. Unhealthy eating and no exercise can cause diabetes.

Depression and Anxiety:

You can get depressed and anxiety disorders when you have chronic stress. Stress can easily lead you into depression especially if you do not get the expected reward for which you worked hard.

Gastrointestinal problems:

Being stressed does not cause ulcers, but if you happen to have ulcers already, then stress can make the ulcers worse.

Alzheimer’s disease:

If you happen to have, Alzheimer’s then stressing can cause it to worsen. The stress can cause the brain lesions too fast.

Accelerated Aging:

If you happen to be stressed all the time, then there are chances that you can have accelerated aging chromosomes. With all the stress and poor food habits, your body becomes weak and you become less active at a very soon age.

Premature death:

Stress can also lead to untimely death. With all these diseases there are high chances we can lose your life at a very early age. Our body becomes weak, and it can get tough for us to survive. To Know More Click HerePosted in Stress