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Medications for Stress and Your Health

Both adults, and children, can feel stressed each and every day of their lives. It’s very much a part of life that cannot be avoided, and you really don’t want to do that anyway. It is not always bad, in that it can motivate you to accomplish a great deal. Sadly, stress is usually something that negatively affects people in a bad way. There are many conditions and traumatic experiences that can be so overwhelming that it produces unwanted thoughts and behavior. Your life can be completely disrupted, and you will be unable to function in a normal way at all.

SRIs (serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are an important class of drugs that are prescribed for stress related problems. Mainly they are used for those who are depressed. It helps to relieve their symptoms. SRIs are also used for stress management, but were originally used for as an anti-depressant. Since this is a class of drugs, that means there are different kinds, each having its own specific trademarked name. These drugs won’t start giving relief immediately. It usually take a few weeks before you notice a difference. When you read about the drugs in the SRI group, you’ll see a range of stress related disorders. These can include panic, anxiety, social anxiety, OCD and others. There are physical symptoms of stress, especially when the stress is chronic and has been ongoing for years. For example, a person can have all the symptoms of an over-active thyroid condition Even if your physical ailments are caused by normal reasons, you still may be experiencing a great deal of stress. Situations like this, when either stress or something else (or both) is the cause of your illness, can be difficult for your doctor to diagnose. However, your doctor might decide to give you a stress medication as well. Therefore, you may end up taking medication for the physical condition as well as stress. Whatever concerns you might have, make it a point to discuss them thoroughly with your doctor. Most medications have side effects. Check to be certain that the side effects of the prescriptions your doctor gives you aren’t worse than the condition he or she is treating.

Have you heard of barbiturates before? These are sometimes used to treat chronic stress and other related maladies. In some form or another, these drugs have been manufactured in a variety of ways. And with this class, you’ll need a prescription to obtain them following a complete examination. The way barbiturates work is they have a suppressing effect on the activity levels of the brain. Today, there are newer drugs available in this class. These are not for long-term anxiety or stress, but bouts of short-term acute stress that occur intermittently. 

Regardless of the seriousness of your stress disorder – even when drug intervention is recommended – it’s still possible that there is a more gentle, natural treatment method available. However, I must repeat at this point, that it is very important to follow the recommendations of your medical health practitioner. Check out massage Cary NC professionals.

It might not be the best choice to try to combine the two methods. The results could be less than optimum. If you suffer from a stress disorder, make an appointment with your health care provider and start down the road to recovery – and the return to a normal life – right away.Posted in StressTagged , , , ,