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How to Fight Stress Headaches

If you get stress headaches you are probably motivated to find a way to make them go away. Lots of times, the best way to approach this is to take a look at your life and see if there are any ways to make good changes, particularly changes that can reduce your stress levels. You can take a pain reliever for your headaches but this isn’t a good permanent solution if you are stuck with the headaches a lot. In this article we will talk about a few good remedies for your stress headaches. Tension headaches can be brought on by eye strain which is a common problem due to people spending most of their days staring at computer screens. When you add television and texting to this, you are straining your eyes quite a lot! While you probably can’t just quit your job, if that’s the main source of your eyestrain, you may be able to reduce the problem enough to prevent headaches. Take a few seconds, for example, to look away from your screen. This helps you prevent yourself from spending long interrupted blocks of time just staring at the screen. You can protect your eyes further by installing a protective shield which cuts down on glare and radiation (sometimes). Perhaps the most common cause of the stress headache is dehydration so drinking more water might be a good solution. You may not know exactly when you are dehydrated especially if you are distracted by work or other things. Remember: it is a bad idea to drink beverages that are caffeinated like soda or coffee because these can make your headaches worse. If you want to rehydrate yourself, you need to drink plain water or, if you hate plain water, herbal iced tea or some pure fruit juice. Eating salty foods contributes to dehydration so you can further help yourself by cutting back on your junk, snack and salty food intake. If you wear things around or on your head might be adding to your headaches. You probably already know that headbands can cause headaches but so can sunglasses, helmets, hats and even headphones. There are some people who get headaches called “external compression headaches” and these are caused by pressure exerted around the head. An item might not hurt that badly when you first put it on but if you keep it on for a long time it can constrict blood flow and that can cause problems. So, if you’re always wearing something on your head you should try giving it a break. Check out chiropractic Cary experts for more health tips. To sum up, stress headaches aren’t anything that anybody wants to deal with. They can be caused by lots of different things from complicated medical conditions to simple things like wearing a hat that doesn’t fit well. You can try one or more of the above methods to ease your stress headaches, and if these aren’t effective you should consult a medical professional.
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