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Charlotte Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Center

Stem cell therapy is only one alternative treatment choice for knee pain relief. Knee joint replacement is really another long-term surgical procedure. Knee joint replacement too is a really slow systematic recovery of the joint’s job taking long periods of time. Knee joint degeneration also is a slow degeneration process which demands careful, slow treatment to cure. You can find relief at regenerative medicine Charlotte.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are observed within our body naturally. They play many vital functions within the body but occasionally they get hurt or damaged causing pain and discomfort. There are lots of forms of stem cell treatment utilized for knee replacement and other health care treatments. The most popular of them would be monoclonal gammopathy where liquid collagen is injected into a joint to promote formation of cartilage. It has been successful in various clinical trials and has no significant side effects up to now. However, it may not be effective as a treatment for osteoarthritis as such degenerative disorders are genetically determined.

Other Options for Stem Cell Therapy

Another type of stem cell treatment employs fat injections to encourage development of new cartilage at a joint venture. This sort of therapy is being used in certain cases as an alternative to grafting fresh joint cartilage. This is also referred to as compartment syndrome in which a tiny quantity of fat is injected into a joint that requires rebuilding. This type of injection will help in the creation of new cells also assists with joint pain relief. The process is usually completed on a few areas at one time. Platelet rich plasma injections are another choice to think about for pain relief. In cases like this, platelets function as a delivery method for stem cells directly into the affected area. The platelet-rich plasma injections help mend damaged cartilage by substituting the affected tissue using fresh and nourishing cells.

Relieving Pain with Stem Cells

It has to be noted that this kind of treatment won’t work for everyone experiencing degenerative knee joint disorder. The process is usually only used for those who have good health regardless of the demand for therapy. Patients must maintain great health to qualify for the process. In addition, it has been demonstrated that individuals with acute knee pain gain from stem cell therapy, even though the success rate might vary. In addition, it is dependent upon the size of the knee pain. The capacities of stem cell therapy are many. For instance, it can help reverse atherosclerosis and promote the growth of new cartilage in the knee. Additionally, it may help alleviate arthritic pain. This treatment may also be used for other body parts that show signs of degeneration or injury. It’s important to talk to a doctor prior to undergoing stem cell treatment.